Why You Need Bivvies And Shelters

Never go on an outdoor adventure without bringing bivvies and shelters. You cannot be too cautious when you are in the wild where you are exposed to the elements and unknown creatures.

Although the weather forecast predicted a sunny day, things can change in an instant and you wouldn’t want to be out there in the pouring rain. It will be too cold and miserable. Bring a bivvy so that you can hike, fish, or hunt with confidence.

Even if it doesn’t rain, it would still be better if you had a shelter with you. It will provide you shade from the midday sun. It will protect your belongings from being swept away by howling winds or eager thieves.

Creatures big and small will not be able to disturb or harm you. Get inside if there is a swarm that is making things too difficult. Wait for them to pass by before resuming your activity.