What Should I Eat To Get A Flat Belly

Plump, fat, overweight and obese are words that should be banished from the dictionary. On the other hand, the words slim, slender, thin and skinny are music to our ears. Many of us have spent years searching for an eating plan to trim our tum, a diet that will help us to lose belly fat, a sustainable dietary plan that will help us to drop a dress size or two. Some combine diet and exercise to flatten our bellies; others follow the latest fat busting tips and the many swear by latest ground-breaking eating plan. However, what should I eat to get a flat belly and can I still enjoy my food?

Diet plans are rarely simple. The average healthy eating plan consists of heaps of fruit and vegetables, lean meat, fish and the odd replacement meal. Out go the cake, chocolate, milkshakes and fries and in comes the salad. There are hundreds of ways to lose weight and thousands of ways to shed unwanted belly fat, but few diet plans allow you to eat your favorite food and burn extra pounds. Sadly, the only way to a flat belly is to take regular exercise and eat healthily.