What Is DoTERRA Soothing Blend And How To Use It?

DoTerra produces therapeutic grade essential oils but what is doTERRA Soothing Blend and what does it do? The main ingredients in this blend of pure essential oils are the oils of blue chamomile, blue tansy, wintergreen, peppermint, ylang ylang, camphor and helichrysum. The blend has a soothing, comforting and cooling effect on the body and the mind.
It can be used topically on the feet and on the knees after exercise or before a workout. It can be applied on the wrists, the neck and the shoulders or just inhaled when you want to feel revived after a day in front of the computer. The blend helps to relax the muscles after exercise or a long day at work. If you blend it with a base oil you can also massage it on the lower back to relieve back ache and stiffness.