Varicose Vein Treatment Melbourne Explained In Detail

A lot of adults in Melbourne have experienced varicose vein at one point in their lives. Varicose Vein Treatment Melbourne aims at helping patients to suppress the symptoms of this complication. A varicose vein is a condition where people experience swelling and enlargement of blood vessels in their arms or legs leading to pain and ugly looking limbs.

Lifestyle change solutions

Most doctors acknowledge that a lifestyle change is capable of solving most varicose vein problems. People should embark on losing excess weight to ease stress on blood vessels. Physical activity also boosts blood flow limiting the chances of clotting.

Medical solutions

When the symptoms of varicose vein become so severe, medical treatment becomes necessary. Sclerotherapy involves the use of injections to eliminate the condition. Vein ligation entails making a few cuts on the skin surface get rid of the affected vein. Modern procedures involve the use of laser technology to project a laser beam onto the vein which causes the scarring to fade away.