Things You Need To Know About Truck Inspections Queensland

In Queensland, trucks and heavy vehicles are required to have a valid certificate of Inspection every 12 months. The inspection covers the basics that can affect the safe operation of the vehicle such as identification, lights and electrical components, seats, and restraints, modifications, steering and suspension, body and chassis, wheels and tyres. Other areas of inspection include brake components, exhaust emissions, engines and drivelines, hand brake test, service brake test and road test. If you truck condition is in accordance with the code of practice, you will be issued a certificate of inspection on the spot.

However, if your truck has a defect, you will be given 14 days from the day of inspection to repair the defect. Once the defect is repaired, you should take your vehicle for a second inspection. Truck inspections Queensland should be done every 12 months. Before the actual date of inspection, you will receive a reminder notice about 12 weeks before the due date.