The Sound Of Your Bass Is Directly Tied To The Strings

Bass VI strings have distinct punch and clarity. The six string bass was featured on many albums from the 1950’s to the 1960’s. In 1961, the original Fender Bass VI with a floating tremolo arm was released. What some players consider fascinating is that a Bass VI can be made to sound extremely similar to a six-string guitar. That is accomplished depending upon what amp you’re plugged into, how it’s being played, and which pickups are selected.

The Bass VI a highly versatile instrument when played by someone who understands its full capabilities. The right strings will enhance your intonation as well as your tone. Your overall sound is directly linked to your choice of string. String-making for instruments is an art that has been refined over the last few hundred years. Of course, modern strings are made according to modern methods. Tin coating protects high carbon steel from corrosion. Strings are coated with molten tin and then machine-wrapped at 22,000 RPMs.