The Name Of The Game

Guitar strings can be a lot like cars. There are mass-produced ones that clog the motorways of the world and exotic custom-built ones that are a joy to behold. Increasingly, guitar string production is becoming more of a boutique business than ever before.

Many well-known guitar players have discovered the advantages of merchandising, wherein they contract with a specific string manufacturer to produce custom guitar strings to fit their own personal preferences. After which, they market those strings under their own brand name to the public– who presumably want to sound exactly like their chosen guitar hero.

This is not all bad, since it allows neophyte players to search out and settle upon a “sound” that they will one day call their own. Plus, as the number of custom string manufacturers grows, so too will the selection of artists who endorse them. Which in turn will permit musicians to customize their playing through a wider variety of professionally-chosen string packages.