The History Of Netball Dresses

The very first netball uniform was woolen box pleat tunics. They ended far below the knee. These were worn with stiff collared shirts, which were basically like men’s shirts. Woolen stockings were also worn to complete the uniform. In the 1930s the uniform was changed to a blouse, pleated tunic, with matching bloomers and sports shoes. During the next thirty years, the uniform became shorter and lighter. The materials used such as wool and cotton became much lighter allowing more mobility and comfort. During the 1970s and 1980s, the netball dresses changed once again. At first skirts and polo tops where the official uniform and then oversized shirts became the trend for netball uniforms. Today, players wear bodysuits, which are durable and also easy to wash. So as you can see the netball uniforms have quite an interesting history behind it.