The Beauty And Simplicity Of Folk Art

Fork art is a unique style of art with an outstanding quality of creativity and one that undeniably captures the hearts of many people all across the world. There are several artists who have gained recognition in this field and Brighid Mclaughlin is one the names of note.

Born in Dublin, Brighid is a self-taught artist who currently lives in Dalkey. She has been painting full time since 2003, currently works in her conventional cottage located in Dalkey Island. She paints in a subtle fork form of art capturing the tales of both the common and not so common people, things, and people folk caught up in the turbulence of life. Biddy’s work depicts life and character, in the past and present.

Apart from her paintings being an excellent and authentic way to immerse yourself in the Irish culture, Mclaughlin is a great storyteller whose stories seek to touch basic human needs like companionship, adventure, love, and humor. Both her folk art and her storytelling are her happiness, healing, and soul of life.