Role Of Dentist In North Ryde

Dentist in North Ryde provides a great service to residents looking to improve their dental health. The practitioner has many years of experience working with both adults and children.

Teething is a natural process that starts at about 5 months and is not illness-related. In particular, teething does not cause fevers, runny noses or tummies, rashes or irritability at night. The mouth is used for exploratory pursuits by a child.

Everything that can fit goes into the mouth, and therefore, it remains open and there is resultant drooling. However, this does not imply teething. Teething may be the sudden appearance of teeth without any symptoms, or it may be associated with visually swollen gums and a varying degree of irritability in the child.

There is no relationship between the onset of swollen gums and the appearance of teeth. As teething is an ongoing process, it does not occur only at night. Therefore, any irritability attributed to teething must be present during the day as well.