Roadworthy Certificates in Queensland

Westlink_M7_near_CowpastureRoadworthy Certificates Queensland

In Queensland, Australia, Roadworthy Certificates Queensland, also known as safety certificates, are required on all vehicles that are about to be sold or registered. A safety certificate proofs that the vehicle in question has passed basic safety standards that include functioning and in good shape brakes, tyres, windshield, lighting and steering. The certificate is not proof of a vehicle’s absolute safety compliance as the inspection conducted on a vehicle, prior to the issuance of this certificate, is not intensive.

Validity of a roadworthy certificate

The safety certificate for for-sale, registered vehicles is only valid for two months or before the car’s mileage exceeds 2,000km. The validity period of safety certificates for unregistered vehicles is only three months or before the vehicle’s mileage exceeds 100km. The Department of Transport and Main Roads in Queensland requires new car registrants and registered car sellers to renew their vehicles’ safety certificates after the expiration of their validity, as long as the vehicles are still up for sale or registration.