Reduce The Risk Of Deep Vein Thrombosis While Traveling

Travelers who are on the road for many hours at a time are at risk of developing DVT. This is more likely for those who sit still for over 4 hours at a time, especially if they also lead a sedentary lifestyle or have mobility issues.

It can be prevented through increased activity of the lower limbs. If you are in a long haul flight, then get up every few hours to stretch and walk across the aisle. If you are traveling on a bus, then consider getting down in every stopover to do the same thing.

Make sure that you wear comfortable and loose clothing. This will help you move around and encourage circulation. You can further minimize the risk by drinking water frequently. Just avoid alcohol for the time being. In case you do see the signs and symptoms, then consult a Deep Vein Thrombosis Specialist Melbourne immediately for treatment.