Pool Fence Spigots: The Vital Part Of Every Durable Effective Glass Fence

Installing a frameless glass fence is a perfect way to keep your pool safe while providing a continuous view of your exquisite outdoor area. The frameless grass fences have been rapidly gaining popularity in homes due to their lower costs, ease of installation and unblocked view of the pool. In fact, you can install frameless glass fence on your own as all you need are glass panels and spigots. When properly installed, the spigots can hold the glass safely in place without the need for posts.

However, in order for the frameless glass fence to be durable and effective, you must select the right types of spigots. Pool fence spigots Sydney come in square or round styles and can securely hold glass panels of between 8 and 12mm thickness as required by the pool fencing standards in Australia. When choosing the right spigots, it is important to ensure that they are made of corrosion resistant and weatherproof material.