Ordering Your Timber Blinds Sunshine Coast

When you buy timber blinds Sunshine Coast from a reliable seller, be assured that the timbers have been sourced in environment friendly ways. There is no negative impact on the environment. No protected or endangered species of wood are used. In fact, the company making such blinds ensures that even the UV paint used on the timber does not release any harmful solvent in the atmosphere. Order your timber blinds and receive them within two weeks. The delivery time varies depending on your location.

Timber blinds with the maximum width of 2410mm are available. You will need two or more blinds for a window with wider frame. There is no need of repainting because all blinds are coated with PU or UV paint. A timber window blind requires less maintenance and care compared to the curtain. Brush your blinds with a duster once in a while to keep their slats free from dust.