Learn The Required Equipment And Proper Attire Used In Netball

Netball is one of the first forms of women’s basketball and it is still popular in Australia today. The game is specifically for women, but men are now participating in netball too. This fun game still follows its old traditions and requires special gear in order to play.

Required Equipment in Netball

Netball is different from the forms of basketball that you see today. For example, the hoop used in netball has no backboard and only hangs off a pole. The ball used in the game is similar to a soccer ball, but now has its own specified version made for netball. Bibs are also used by both teams to help distinguish players from each other.

Proper Attire

There is appropriate attire that should be worn while playing netball. The type of clothing worn may vary from sports dresses to jerseys paired with shorts. The original attire used in the game was netball skirts and shirts.

Netball skirts are usually pleated and allow the player to move more freely. Additional protective gear is also worn in games to protect a player from injury such as knee pads and ankle guards. Netball is a great way to exercise and with the proper gear, you can enjoy the game to the fullest.