Introducing The Ashton Electric Drumkit : Embracing 21st Century Sound

Music is pleasurable to the ears. However, there’s something to the creative side of music that spices up the dish a bit more and makes music the spice of life. Being a music producer for close to a decade has given me an understanding of sound to a point where I can actually recommend the Ashton Electric drumkit without a second thought.

The feel of an electric drum is edgy and crisp, lacking the reverberation of the thick, hollow hard hitting drum kits from a decade ago. Ashton drum kits represent a shift from the conventional to the laid back grooves of the 21st century, with their catchy hooks and basic drum patterns.

Music is always evolving. But as an artiste or producer, you have to remain relevant not just because the world has configured a set approach, but because it’s convenient for business. Why? File sharing with fellow labels is easier if you’re working with the same software and drum kits.