How To Get The Best Art Lessons In Cornwall

There’s a reason why Cornwall is considered as the treasure grove of 19th century UK art. Nowhere else in England -apart from London- will you stumble upon beautiful, thought-provoking and awe inspiring art like you would a piece of rubbish being blown along the pavement in the inner city. So if you’re seriously thinking about getting art lessons in Cornwall then derive delight in knowing that your dreams are in the right hands.

Talk About A Healthy Tradition

Good art is not as popular as you may think, and good artists are equally as rare. Famous 19th century artists like John Noble Barlow
Thomas Millie Dow, Elizabeth Forbes, Sydney Laurence and Albert Julius (to name a few) are the rich tradition from which most modern day art teachers draw their lessons. You might seem cocky to ask if they’ve heard of them, but trust me, there’s isn’t a teacher worth their salt who hasn’t.

Art Galleries

Another place to ask around would be art galleries. Cornwall has art galleries like Monaco has millionaires. Take a turn at some of these places and see if you don’t find someone who can teach you art.

*Port Eliot House Garden – St Germans
*Barbara Hepworth Museum — St Ives
*Four Crows Gallery – Porthleven
*Jackson Foundation – St Just
*The Exchange Gallery (Penzance)

Happy hunting, and don’t forget to pack your palette.