Getting A QLD Safety Certificate

Before you sell your car, transfer its registration to a new owner, re-register it if it was not registered, or transfer it to a Queensland registration from another state, you need to apply for a roadworthy and safety certificate. Below, we will take you through the process of getting a QLD safety certificate.

First of all, you will need to visit an approved inspection station (AIS) to have your vehicle inspected. The AISs are the only businesses authorized to issue safety certificates in Queensland. You will be given either an electronically issued certificate or a handwritten one.

From the moment you offer your registered light vehicle for sale, you are required to display the handwritten certificate. This also includes when you display that it is for sale in public, list it for sale online, or drive the vehicle around with a sign indicating that it is for sale.

With the electronically issued certificate, you do not need to display it on the vehicle. However, you should be able to produce it when requested by a transport inspector, police officer, buyer’s agent, or the buyer.