Finding The Best Hip Surgeon For A Complication Free Surgery

If you are planning to undergo hip surgery, you should carefully select the right hip surgeon for the operation. Like any other invasive treatment, the outcome and success of the hip surgery depend on the experience and skills of the surgeon as well as the type of the procedure selected. Beyond the basic surgeon requirements such as certification and licenses, you must consider the complication rate of the surgeon. If the proper procedure, skills or equipment are not used, serious complications can arise requiring a second surgery.

It is estimated that for the doctors who perform 50 or more surgeries in a year, the revision rate is about 0.7-percent while doctors who perform between 6 and 25 surgeries in a year, the revision rate increases to about 1.3-percent. As a patient, you have the right to ask the surgeon how often he or she persons a hip surgery as well as the success and complication rates. Another thing you should consider when selecting the best hip surgeons in Sydney is the personal feel. You should be comfortable with your surgeon.