Exquisite Amora Gems For Weddings And Engagements

New technology has made the Amora gem the newest stone to grace wedding and engagement rings around the world. These gems existed around carbon rich stars in our galaxy and were previously unavailable for human use until now. Made of carbon and silicone and forged in conditions that would vaporize diamonds, the Amora gem is pure, brilliant, tough and rare, which are only a few of the reasons why it is the perfect stone to grace the ultimate symbols of eternal love and faithfulness.

Amora gems offer a wide variety of gem settings, from the crowd favorite Asscher cut to the classic cushion cut and the elegant princess cut which shows off the gem’s brilliance perfectly. These gems come with certification and a full grading laboratory report. Paired with world-class customer service, clients are assured that the entire experience of shopping for and buying their rings are as easy and pleasant as possible.