Elysium Is A Different Kind Of TCG

The Elysium board game is unique in that the rules are closer to those of a trading card game than a regular board game. Game developers have called it a game of set collecting, but those who play any popular TCG titles should also appreciate Elysium even if they don’t have experience with deck construction. Since it features an exotic setting, Elysium also carries some RPG elements with it. Greco-Roman heroes and deities prominently factor into the game’s background, which can help players to really get into it.

Players recruit cards from a collective deck. Each of these cards belongs to a family of eight Olympians. While players need to assemble the best possible collection of heroes and items to defeat their opposition, no one has to purchase booster packs in order to play competitively. This might make it attractive to those who aren’t fans of more traditional TCG titles.