Coffin Nails And Designs

The nail craze has not gone away only it has become better and an interesting portrayal of personality for many individuals. You can Shop Coffin nails if you are not fortunate to have great nails to work with. The coffin nail, also called the ballerina nail, is much like the stiletto nail only with the tips filed down.

The coffin design is perfect for nail artists to perform their magic. There is a good amount of surface to work with. Different designs are nails with appliques such as gems to enhance the nail, hand painted art for the different seasons or hand painted for just the mood you want to express are popular. Glitter nails are always in, this style is timeless, adding in hand painted art or appliques is not necessary, keeping it simple is elegant.

Some individuals like to do their nails on their own. You can purchase the nails already decorated in stores or online and apply yourself, but, who doesn’t like a day at the nail salon?