Choosing The Right EWP Training Programs In Melbourne

Elevated work platform training is often essential for construction workers and other professionals in the building and construction industry. Training for employees is a requirement for licensing and certification, which means that all employees are required to undergo training if they are to operate EWPs in the workplace. For workers looking for EWP training Melbourne is home to a number of training centers that offer certified programs that are taught by experienced operator, with training assessments conducted by independent accredited assessors.

It is important to choose an EWP training center that offers a program that incorporates current legislation and Australian standards for EWP operation. Licensed programs also require practical hands-on training to ensure participant learning and competence to operate EWPs.

Trainees must be at least 18 years old, with a minimum level 10 of numeracy, literacy and communication skills and the ability to speak, read and write English. They must arrive for training with the required safety gear. Courses covered include working at different heights, rope access training, tower climbing and rescue training, to name a few.