Ceiling Tiles Are Trendy Now

Ceiling panels for homes fell out of grace in the 90s, but now they are back. There are so many choices for your home. Ceiling Panels Gosford offers a wide variety of choices to accent your existing d├ęcor.

Cathedral Ceiling Tile, which is a copper/bronze tint, gives the ceiling look which is very desirable today. The nice thing about this and many of the other choices are that you can put them up right over that popcorn ceiling without the hassle of scraping it off. The panels for most of the ceiling tiles are 24 x 24 which is very manageable. There also are Westminster and Coffer Lay-in Ceiling tiles that you can also get in that same size or larger if you want. It is ideal that you do not need rails to hang in order to install this. Simply attach to existing ceiling and you have a whole new look. There are accent molding pieces you can add in for that little something extra.