Research Says We Should Always Leave Work On Time

If you’re constantly staying at your job beyond your scheduled shift, you should know that research says we should always leave work on time. People who spend an excess amount of time in the office often have problems in their personal lives as the result. Their families and friends tend to feel under-valued and unappreciated. Moreover, workers who are overworked are not really getting as much done as they think. After too many hours on the job the mind starts to lose its focus. Not only are you getting less done during overtime, but the quality of the work that you produce starts to decline as well.

66Surprisingly, even though most people push themselves to work longer and harder for the sake of making more money, they are far less likely to enjoy this extra cash. Thus, it is far better to strive for balance in your life instead. Your work will be higher in quality, you’ll have better relationships and you’ll develop a greater appreciation for your regular income.