Soft Playground Surfaces Can Prevent Devastating Childhood Injuries

Most parents will agree that play (and sometimes rough play) is a part of childhood and so would hardly be disturbed by their child thoroughly enjoying his or herself on the nearest playground. Many will even further agree that a few minor cuts and bruises are to be expected and should not worry too much about the same. Still, even with acknowledging all of that, parents may also agree that serious injuries caused by harsh playground environments are a cause for concern. This is where soft playground surfaces are making all the difference.

With softer surfaces in playgrounds, children are less likely to suffer from devastating injuries and perhaps experience even less minor cuts and bruises. This is thanks in large part to no longer having a collision course with asphalt, concrete and other hard surfaces. Softer surfaces make playgrounds safer, and dare I say more fun, for children.

Choosing The Best Router Table

Getting the best router table you can afford should be your priority when setting up a shop. This will enable you to do incredible work without the stress often caused by inferior models. There are two things that you must pay close attention to: the top and the base.

The top is where all the work is going to happen. Find one that is as flat as possible to get maximum contact between surfaces. This will also ensure a high degree of accuracy when making cuts. Multiple pieces can be made with precise dimensions.

Although the base is hidden underneath, it is a crucial component of the overall system. A table with a sturdy base can be trusted for heavy duty work. One with a shaky foundation will give workers pause. It can be dangerous working with something that might topple when sharp tools are involved.