Keep Soldiering On With Blogs

So many men and women have had their whole lives turned topsy turvy for an old man’s defiance. The Iraq war (still raging on today) has been going on for almost fifteen years after that infamous “mission accomplished” speech. A lot of soldiers are looking for a way to stay in touch with other soldiers and people that were, or are, connected to the tragic events that have come to pass. They want an outlet to share their stories and feel like they are not alone.

For many blogging has been the outlet. It is a way to let go of the painful experiences they have endured. They do not make it go away, but it helps to confront the issue. Maybe it is a way to find a new coping mechanism or a friend, but whatever the reason Iraq blog posts have been popping up across the web for quite a long time.

If you, or someone close, is looking for someone to talk to a blog could be a viable option. Sometimes face-to-face interaction is too much to overcome right away. A blog is anonymous to a point, and can be used to the same effect as a group meeting would be.