Garner The Power Of Email Marketing

You have just included new products on your website, and want to inform your clients about it! The problem is that some of these products are meant for females, some for males, and the rest for kids. Obviously, it makes no sense providing information about a beard trimmer to a female. The only way to get around this bottleneck is to separate your clients into several groups, based on their age, gender, preferences, and send individual emails to each group regarding products related to them. You need to create several mailing lists for this purpose. You should also provide your loyal clients an option to opt out of your email marketing campaigns; else, they will mark your email ID as spam.

This might seem like a gargantuan task. In fact, it is an impossible task to do such campaigns, unless you use a dedicated email marketing program that handles the task of separating your clients into different groups, based on the parameters mentioned above, and sends them emails containing information of interest to them.

2 Tips To Benefit From Email Marketing

For marketers across industries, email marketing is the biggest buzzword today. From helping businesses maintain regular communication with customers to creating a buzz for new launches, this new medium works for everyone. The challenge, however, is to make the most of it.

Here are 2 great tips.

Focus on Providing Relevant Information

Your customers are busy and they do not have the time or interest to read irrelevant mails. So make sure your mails have information that they value. Be short and specific to get their attention and ensure they keep coming back to you.

Optimize for Mobiles

In this era of smartphones and tablets, ignoring the mobile platform is a costly mistake. Most of your customers access mails from their mobile devices and your mails have to be mobile-friendly. So make sure your customers can access and view mails seamlessly from their mobile devices and keep the layout as simple as possible.

Strategizing Trade Show Displays

When you’re promoting a business service or a new product, you want to make sure your trade show displays are helping you reach the right customers. When you have space available at a show or a convention, make the most of it. The way you present what you’re selling will make a big difference in whether you get any attention at all.

The most important thing you can do with your display is to make sure it’s professional. No one is going to bother to stop and talk to your company representatives if your display looks like it was created by an amateur. Invest in good materials and make sure it looks good.

The branding on your display should be consistent with your company branding. Try not to confuse people. Use the same colors, fonts and logos that you use on all your promotional materials. You want people to recognize you immediately at the trade show.

Marketing Strategies: Digital And Traditional

The best type of marketing strategy for any company or business is a combination of new technology and traditional advertising. There are a number of digital marketing tools available online and through mobile applications. It’s a great way to target your audience and attract the types of potential customers and clients you want. Using social media and other platforms, advertisers can help you get your message across to the millions of people who go online every minute of every day.

Make sure you promote your goods and services using traditional methods as well. If you’re a small business owner, get out into your community and network with people face to face. If you’re selling houses, remember that attractive yard signs can get just as much attention as online listings. A smart combination of both digital and traditional marketing will ensure you reach a maximum number of consumers for your product.

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