Iraq Blog Posts: The Era Of Fake News

I had never heard of fake news until I was on the news and the story was completely false! You may or may not have been affected by fake news, but the reality is that freedom of expression is now being abused as a means to achieve the wrong ends. There is nothing wrong with a little exaggeration.

But when one exceeds the bounds of truth and traverses the plains of dishonesty, a lot more is at stake than just the creation of a false impression. Iraq blog posts have at times twisted the truth with grave consequences for its international image.

Legally, the courts are empowered to limit the fundamental constitutional rights of citizens if the purpose of the limitation is to advance a worthy cause. It can be said that everyone has an interest in the truth and that because people rely on the things we say, a high value must be attached to journalistic freedom. Which is why perjury is a criminal offence.