The Life And Experiences Of Brighid McLaughlin

Brighid McLaughlin is a Dublin-born, renown artist and journalist who currently resides in Dalkey. She is also one of the most resilient persons who has ever gone through tough times in her life and come out strong. In one of her interviews, she said that she loved her life and was grateful to have had so many experiences despite the tragedies that befell her. Brighid went to a boarding school, did theology, paints, and loves touring the world.

Tragedies and Resilience

Brighid survived breast cancer in 2000, lost her husband to a drowning accident, lost her dear sister to murder in 2006, and lost over 15 close friends over the years. Despite these tragedies, Ms McLaughlin has always pulled herself together, and she finds solace in her paintings. She has had three successful art exhibitions, and her artwork can be viewed at any time at the Leinster Gallery in Dublin.