The Beauty And Simplicity Of Folk Art

Fork art is a unique style of art with an outstanding quality of creativity and one that undeniably captures the hearts of many people all across the world. There are several artists who have gained recognition in this field and Brighid Mclaughlin is one the names of note.

Born in Dublin, Brighid is a self-taught artist who currently lives in Dalkey. She has been painting full time since 2003, currently works in her conventional cottage located in Dalkey Island. She paints in a subtle fork form of art capturing the tales of both the common and not so common people, things, and people folk caught up in the turbulence of life. Biddy’s work depicts life and character, in the past and present.

Apart from her paintings being an excellent and authentic way to immerse yourself in the Irish culture, Mclaughlin is a great storyteller whose stories seek to touch basic human needs like companionship, adventure, love, and humor. Both her folk art and her storytelling are her happiness, healing, and soul of life.

Tips When Choosing A Christmas Photo Frame

A photo is a unique way of preserving sweet moments shared with family. During the Christmas period, pictures are part of the festivities. A Christmas Photo Frame offers a classy way of displaying printed photos. A quality frame makes photos more appealing and protects from the elements.

What are the factors to consider when buying one

The size of the photo determines the size of the frame to buy. Go for a frame with a good design. A good design makes the picture more appealing. Frames with some artwork are a good choice if you want to impress. Go for a quality frame made of durable material. Always ensure a photo frame is well secured to minimise the risk of breakage. It is essential that you dust your frame. A clean frame has an excellent glossy look that is going to impress.

The Benefits Of The Inset Training For Teachers Program

When it comes to the teaching profession there’s no such thing as knowing too much. Children have inquiring minds. This is basically why teachers need to keep up with the times in order to be able to satisfy hungry Minds. The inset training for teachers program is developed to further educate and train teachers in their current field. This training focuses on developing the skills of the teacher using various methods, techniques and resources. The program can commence once teachers are in school and teaching children. This business model is based on improving teachers skills and attitude towards teaching in both the formal as well as an informal setting. The program is highly valuable and beneficial to teachers who wish to never stop learning. If you are one of these teachers then you should definitely look into this current teacher training program.

Personalized Prints And Frames Make Excellent Gifts

When you’re looking for a unique gift idea, consider the wonderful benefits of giving personalized prints and frames. Whether it’s a print or frame for your grandfather, girlfriend or a special friend, choosing the right print or frame can be a great gift option, especially for someone who is difficult to buy for. Of course, personalizing these items can make them much more meaningful. After all, a frame that is personalized with a name or favorite saying can show your gift recipient that you truly put a great deal of thought into finding them a gift that they’ll enjoy.

Many people love to have a special print personalized, especially if it’s a print that has significant meaning for them. Likewise, personalized frames take a standard frame to an entirely new level by making it something that is unique just for the recipient.

Inset Training For Teachers: Career Guidance At Its Best

It has almost become customary for educational institutions to incorporate inset training for teachers in the teaching curriculum. Not only does it pave the way for the further development of teaching skills, it also gives one an idea of what the day to day life of a teacher is like, i.e as a kind of career guidance.

Turn it Up A Notch During Your Gap Year

Instead of sitting out your gap year, why not look into filling in positions that have gone vacant. Regular teachers go on leave all the time, thus creating part-time employment opportunities that can work to your advantage. Who knows, teaching might actually be the perfect career option.

Career paths are not always what we imagine them as we grow up. However, getting tit-bit experiences of different career options can help you to make a good decision.

How To Get The Best Art Lessons In Cornwall

There’s a reason why Cornwall is considered as the treasure grove of 19th century UK art. Nowhere else in England -apart from London- will you stumble upon beautiful, thought-provoking and awe inspiring art like you would a piece of rubbish being blown along the pavement in the inner city. So if you’re seriously thinking about getting art lessons in Cornwall then derive delight in knowing that your dreams are in the right hands.

Talk About A Healthy Tradition

Good art is not as popular as you may think, and good artists are equally as rare. Famous 19th century artists like John Noble Barlow
Thomas Millie Dow, Elizabeth Forbes, Sydney Laurence and Albert Julius (to name a few) are the rich tradition from which most modern day art teachers draw their lessons. You might seem cocky to ask if they’ve heard of them, but trust me, there’s isn’t a teacher worth their salt who hasn’t.

Art Galleries

Another place to ask around would be art galleries. Cornwall has art galleries like Monaco has millionaires. Take a turn at some of these places and see if you don’t find someone who can teach you art.

*Port Eliot House Garden – St Germans
*Barbara Hepworth Museum — St Ives
*Four Crows Gallery – Porthleven
*Jackson Foundation – St Just
*The Exchange Gallery (Penzance)

Happy hunting, and don’t forget to pack your palette.