3 Beauty Trends To Try This Weekend

Rainy day weekend? Try these 3 beauty trends to wait out better weather.

Eyebrow Tattoos

No two brows are created alike… and that goes for the same face too. For this reason, it can be really difficult to get your eyebrows to look uniform before you head out the door each morning. Eyebrow tattoos in Brisbane can ensure that your eyebrows look uniform and ready for anything… no prep needed.

Plant Stem Cell Facials

All the rage in the beauty world, plant stem cells can help to kickstart the repair process in your skin and leave your skin glowing, dewy and smooth.

Beauty Rollers

Sure… these little rollers come complete with tiny needles, but they are also dermatologist approved. By rolling these rollers in many different directions across your face, you are created small wounds beneath the skin’s surface that will in turn help to create more collagen and a younger looking face over time.